StiB Tokens

"sti" is our utility token within StiB’s ecosystem and token holders will benefit from projects, services and products in the future.

  • Token Name: sti
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Supply: 8,000,000,000 STIs
  • Hard Cap: $5,480,000
  • Market Cap at Circulation: $40M
  • Token Price $0.005/Sti
  • Private Sales:
    Q4 2019 - Seed round soft Cap ($1,000,000)
    Q1 2020 - Pre-listing soft Cap ($3,480,000)
  • Public sale Date:
    Date - October 15
  • Primary Exchange Listing:
    Date - January 15, 2020 (tentative)
  • Initial Circulating Supply:
    3.7% of total Supply
  • Who are we?

  • StiB Tokens?

  • How StiB monetizes?

" We decentralize and leave no one behind!
StiB Pay StiB Charity + StiB Pay "

" Using a smart queue so StiB token holders can each earn a chance at investing instead of Lottery or gaming to be who has the fastest finger or bot. "

" Through StiB Reserves with instant settlements on fiats-cryptos & Cryptos-Cryptos for both Trading + Lending. "

StiB P2P is available now for Trading/Lending on iOS and Android!

Airdrop Scheme

Monthly rewards dates in 2020: January 15, Feb 15, March 15, April 15, May 15, June 15.

Amount of Sti tokens bought Monthly bonus (STIs) Total bonus in 6 months (STIs)
[50,000 - 500,000) 500 3,000
[500,000 - 5,000,000) 5,000 30,000
[5,000,000 - ∞) 50,000 300,000
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Road Map

The goal is to develop one Smart Contract at a time to build the best runway for Cryptos to take off with the community in mind.

Our ultimate goal is to design a decentralized exchange/wallet for all to trade, invest, insure and/or lend, pay, etc... within the palm of your hands with the focused mission of bringing Cryptos to the mainstream.

Our Team

"We decentralize with everyone in mind!"


StiB is unique and we differentiate.

What we offer StiB Others They offer
Commissions Free 0% 0.5-1% High Fees
Legal Protections StiB Legals Nothing You’re on your own
Share profits to all StiB Reserves Airdrops Profits not for you
Unbanked & Financial Inclusions StiB Charity/Universal Some PR only no vision

Contact Us

lostimg (+1)(617) 863−7286
lostimg Support AT
lostimg Saigon, Vietnam